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Newgrounds birthday gift for me

2017-08-03 13:19:20 by Anvir

Im happy that I can write this type of post. Today im turned 18 (so mature) and yesterday I published my second animation. When I woke up.. oh boy, I got my first real feedback from strangers, and It was so positive and motivating that I really couldn't sit calmly in one place. I did not expect somebody to actualy react on my project. Especially at my birthday. I can't discribe this feeling which I got when I read that people enjoyed what I've done! Long story short I think today I had the best Birthday in my life.

Hello Im new here!

2017-04-09 16:35:04 by Anvir

Hey everybody, how are you all doing?

I just joined Newgrouds and I've been asked to make my first post so.. here it is.

Also I don't know what I should write here so I'll just introduce myself.


Im 17 years old beginning graphics designer making art & drawings for hobby. I joined Newgrouds to improve my skills and to have fun while doing what I like!  What is making games and drawings!